What is the DV888 made of

i just got a DV888 yesterday (best yoyo ever everyone should have one) and I was just wondering what the material is if anyone even knows

6061 aluminum.

In your preferences it’s the best yoyo for you. :wink: :slight_smile: ;D

I swear people need to proof read. lol

What he means is “If it fits your preferences then it could be the best yoyo for you”.

usually when someone claims a yoyo to be “the best yoyo ever made” it means they havent thrown many other yoyos. ive thrown hundreds of different types and brands of yoyos, and i could never single any one out as the “best”. theyre all different and most of them are awesome in their own right. some are better for bigger hands, some are better for certain styles. but to pin one as the best all around yoyo ever made, or to say that it is perfect for everyone is just plain ignorant.

i do believe you think the dv888 is the best yoyo you’ve ever tried, and might be the best for you, but dont make it out like everyone shares that opinion. everyone hypes up the best yoyo they own. to some people the lyn fury is the best yoyo ever made, and it’s simply because it’s the best theyve ever thrown. if you put a dv888 in their hands they’ll probably never throw their lyn fury again. to quote a domino’s commercial, that statement is puffery.

I may not have thrown a lot o yoyos but a tip for you is that you dont have to be QUITE so judgmental and derogatory.

ACTUALLY, It’s made from 100% Cacao beans.

i thought it was milled from unicorn horns. that was why i boycotted them, cant stand the thought of them killing innocent unicorns just to make a yoyo or two :-\

and sorry for that trolling post, i dont know what has gotten into me. i never said it wasnt a good throw. but by all means, go to comps and try some other yoyos. there are a whole lot of good ones out there. dont stop just because you found one good one, for every good one you find, theres probably like 10 better ones you dont know about :wink:

I will be the first to agree with the OP the DV888 is a very awsome yoyo.
Mine is no longer awsome because I dinged it a number of times.
I recently tried a mint one and it reminded me of how awsome mine was when it was new.
I have never used a better yoyo only different ones.
Having the ability to apreciate the goodness in any yoyo is something to strive for.
Sarchasm is not nessicary just because someone asked a question that you think is an obvious one.
For alot of people the DV888 may be the best yoyo in the world. At the price point it reaches beyond all others.
Of course this is all IMO and yours is free to differ.

That post, IMO, was right on. I don’t think it was derogatory at all. Maybe a bit mean if you put it in a certain tone, but I pretty much agree with it.

Nuh Uhhhh! The Dark Magic is the best yoyo EVAR!

heh just teasing