What is the best yoyo I can get for under $100

hey guys, i have a lyn fury with modded ball bearing, and I want to step up, I was just wondering what would be the best yoyo for me to get under $100. Thanks guys.

what do you mean by modded? like, you bought a different one? or you lubed it? cleaned it? those are not modds really.

lyns are great, and if you liked it, i would assume you like the smaller yoyos. i would say save your money and go for a fundametal by yyf. (dv888, or any yoyo with an “tic” at the end by yyf).

or you can change it up and try new yoyos by going for a larger yyj metal plastic hybrid.

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The yoyo you should get is probabbly depending on how long youve been yoyoing.
Beginners : Kickside / Lyn Fury
Intermediate’s ( Binding required ) : Protostar
Advance : 888 / 888x / Sasquatch CLYW /
The protostar should do you just enough though.
A protostar is every plastic’s dream
Plays exactly like a metal
Even better then my 888 ( My opinion )

If you really want if your an advanced player thath as alot of skill in binding
You could get “used” yoyo’s
and get like 2-3 Metals
888 B-grade 40$ Around
888 Non b-Grade 45-50$
DV888 35$
Protostar : 25$
Beat Protostar : 15$
PGM : 20$
Sasquatch CLYW : 80$

There is no best yoyo. They’re all fantastic. It’s going to depend on your preferences. The Lyn is a fantastic yoyo.

Just pick the ones you like. It really depends wether you want a plastic yoyo or a metal yoyo.

If I were you, I’d get a New Breed. But it’s my preference.

All yoyos are good though.

Yeah, remember that. ALL YOYOS ARE GOOD.