What is the best yo-yo?

Hi guys I was wondering what the best yo-yo is because there are so many and I just don’t know where to start! My preferences are that I like to do string tricks. Also I was wondering because I don’t know how I should upgrade. My last throw I got was the Yo-Yo Ball and I got really good at Around the World. I don’t know since I am a beginner is there a better yo-yo than the Yo-Yo Ball?
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The imperial
I love this holiday


Yes the yoyo ball is not really a yoyo, if you want to get a new throw get a velocity! Hope this helped

Yeah, definitely the Alchemy Silk. The Cold Fusion is a close second though.

You should get a. Mint in box og peak

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I agree with this guy. You can beat the simplicity of an Imperial!!!

The butterfly is a close second.

Get a 3yo3 ti 5

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g3t @ yyuff strng bt no yoo cuz intagrm i$ all lkie “strt trnds its cul” so u shud do dat

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Wow thank you all for your great suggestions! I was just thinking, wouldn’t it be great if the guys who run these yoyoexpert forums started selling yo-yos? That would be so cool because so many people are on the forums I mean why not?

Get one of those anglams, there are a ton of them. They’re perfect for beginners and are really cheap.

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I heard the BTH Sleeper is one of the best loopers out there, I mean look at that shape!

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