starter yo-yo

what type of yo-yo is better to use imperial or butterfly???

Butterfly. You can do looping tricks and string tricks with a butterfly, although it does better with string tricks. The Imperial is only really good for looping tricks.

But, I’d move to maybe a YoYoFactory ONE with the second bearing option. It’s a string trick yoyo, and you can go from responsive mode with the pre-installed slimmer bearing, then move to unresponsive play with the wider second bearing included by swapping it out with the slimmer bearing.

I have the Imperial, Butterfly AND the ONE(among many, MANY others). If i had to choose a good starter yoyo, I’d go ONE. But, if you gotta pick up something NOW, go Butterfly. If funds are OK, get both the Imperial AND the Butterfly if you need to quick start.

I just picked up the YYJ Prelude for my 7 year old son and played with it for a few minutes before he came home from school and it is a pretty sweet little starter yoyo. I very much liked it. And it comes responsive but you can make it unresponsive. My son is loving it so far. So, not a bad choice either. Studio has great advice with that too.