What is the best metal throw

What is the best metal throw form CLYW and different brands

Yoyorecreation diffusion or turning point palpitation is considered by most to be the best. Lots of people think the berserker SS and Space cowboy are up there too. Even the Anglam CC gets noted constantly. You’ll here from some people that the Valor or Chief are the best as well. Even some will say plastics like the rally or yeti are the best and sometimes the triad. I really love the Irony JPX but really it all just comes down personal preference and what you like yourself.

Well, thanks for a good reply

ac2 because ac2

I’m thinking the Benchmark V or Bonfire

I think it is kinda a flawed question because there is so much room for preference…

I like my OD Bench V 2013, though. It’s size/shape/weight just suits me really well. and my Recrev Neuae for carrying around since it is so small.

This is like asking: Who’s the best looking woman?

Ooops, I forgot - HSPIN G&E 4 (today, anyway)


IMO, I will jump on the hype train; all aboard the YYR Draupnir!

I’m sure he meant draupnir,lol…unless he thinks the diffusion really can sit up there with the palp :slight_smile: