Best YYR

I’m thinking of buying a Draupnir. Big shocker; I know. Out of curiosity, which of YYR’s all-time lineup would you guys say is the best/most interesting? I’ve got a clashcube and I love the thing.

Draupnir for me!! Favourite yoyo of all time.

Draupnir is probably the best performing, but the POM Diffusion is my favorite right now.

This is like asking: Which is the best Ferrari?

The most “iconic” YYR has to be the Sleipnir. The best single-metal yo-yo I know of. The Stargazer is a smaller version and the Gleipnir is the bigger one. The Seventh Heaven is a Ti Sleipnir.

If you are looking for a bit of single-metal character, the E=MC^2 has a very unique feel to is while still maintaining that “beast” moniker. Mr Butcher, is also a great choice.

If you like the Draupnir, check out the Laser and the Sputnik too.

Plastic? The Diffusion 2 is the best molded plastic I have played. Superb yo-yo for learning.

The best thing about YYR is that apart form the disasterouse Diffusion (Original version); you cannot go wrong with anything from them. If you want to save some money, their “Rebellion” line is a Chinese-made versions of their old favorites as well as some great new, affordable Bi-Metal designs that are great performers too.

OT, but have you tried the Irony JPX? I too thought the Sleipnir was the best mono metal until i tried the Irony JPX. SOOO good. Unfortunately i stripped the threads on mine. Never happened to me before

The Mr. Butcher though is great. It’s like a YYR-version of a General Yo IMO.It has that feel of a General Yo with the performance of an YYR

I love their plastics. The Triad (new and old) and Diffusion 2.

I’ve always wanted to try a triad… Not sure why I’ve never owned one…

Those Irony JP’s always seem to strip :-\ I’ve seen it happen multiple times by different people.

I have not tried the Irony JPX. I have heard the same opinion from many others about it inhabiting the same tier as some of my listed-favorites. Everyone knows I am totally biased towards YYR though… :wink:

I love the comparison of Mr. Butcher with a General-Yo. I had not thought of that before. That is very appropriate. General-Yo always had that balanced feel instead of massive rim-weight - like Mr. Butcher. But where did that name come from?

i got a gleipnir/triplet based proto that plays somewhat like an avalanche idk

The Triad is the best performing plastic/Metal out there. You could buy just that one yo-yo and be set for years to come. Awesome, world-class performance and great predictability in-flight.

The Triad is worth every penny they ask for it. Get one. You will not be disappointed.

That’s easy, the 458 Italia is the best Ferrari 8)

I own 21 YYR, the first I bought it in 2010, I consider them excellent yoyo but in recent years I have made some ideas, which I share with you.
of these 21 are Chinese yoyo 7 copies … made no Alu (7075) but in anticorodal (6061), all made so great and they play perfectly … all arrived in absolutely identical boxes to those “official” it is seen that all outputs are the same factory, the only difference is that those copies start with a bit 'of difficulty for bad tolerances between cover and base (b-grade say).
how it can go any anything?
copy the models were ever produced and put on the market only after years of official ones, by which time these models have made their history and then copies can not “cannibalize” the official ones.
between copies and ufficilali there are always small differences, almost never visible to the eye (1-2 grams of weight for example) so as to make them identifiable in any case).
if I compare the Draupnir to Start the Riot I see that they are identical in construction and almost certainly have come out of the same factory and processed by those machines.
I have many doubts about where YYR have been worked over time and the fact that the birth of the copies is completely foreign to the will of the YYR same … but the thing becomes irrelevant because in China have the same machines and skills that they have in Japan now, so ultimately my thought is that the Draupnir is certainly a great yoyo but it is overrated and certainly not worth the cost involved in its purchase, much better the Start the Riot, same quality (the difference aluminum is negligible), excellent playability, the most honest price (high anyway but honest).

P.S. YYR with which the best game? copy of Sleipnir 63 gr . plays a lot better than “real” … faster and more responsive, very stability and identical feeling