what is the best looping yoyo/what is the best offstring yoyo

hi guys, i was initialy obsessed with 1A and 5A but now i am trying the other divistions and would like to no what you guys think the best looping yoyo is, and what the best offstring yoyo is. i dont really want to spend over like 50 bucks so…ya, thats it.

For 4A, I would Reccomend the YYJ Equinox or Fiesta. For 2A, I would Reccomend the Loop900s or the YYJ Sunset Trajectories. The Sunsets are actually really easy to Loop with in My Opinion. :wink:

big yo are really good for beginner 4a players cuz they’re big so u wont be missing a catch.

big yos are still good for advanced players too not beginners only :wink:

sunsets are really good but i dont think yyj sells them anymore since the unleashed are coming out!!!

the loop 900 from YYF are definitely getting some love from those who tried em

as for 4A, no idea, sorry

I’m going to recommend Shinwoo on this one! Hands down the Griffin Wing will be the most bang for your buck when it comes to 4A. The new Shinwoo Loop I have yet to try but after I pad recessed mine, it plays awesome so I would assume that the new ones w/ the pad recess will play even better. Not to mention your save’n yourself some cash so if you don’t like throwing 2A/4A, you didn’t blow a whole lot of dough.

i was thinking about the shinwoo loop, but nvr saw a griffin wing, yet. i will look it up, thx