YYF Offstring


Hey Guys, I was just wondering if the Offstring would be good for a begginer 4a player

I was also wondering about the Firedog as a cheap begginer looping yoyo

Thanks for all of your help


Offstring is only good for 4A and 2A, don’t get it for 1a or 5a. Snags way too much.

Firedog is terrible for looping I’ve heard. Expect most transaxles to be unresponsive without lube. Firedogs can’t be relubed easily.


It seems you have a Speed Maker, use that for 5A, it will work fine.

For 2A, go for some Imperials to see if you like it first, then, if you do, got som,e Speed Beetles Sunsets, or Raiders


Buy the YYF OS and use it for 4A. Godly yoyo, just don’t try to bounce it too much…

For 2A just go straight to a pair of NXGs or Loop720s, really. Over time you’ll get better with them.

(Chris Allen) #5

2a? Why would a wing shaped yoyo be good for 2a?


my personal looping prefrence is the sunset Trajectory same that andre uses


Not sure. That was mainly a joke, but they stay very straight for my loops and hop the fences. Just put on the smaller wings and its somewhat fast 201 shaped, which isn’t that bad for looping. Its kinda narrow, oober responsive.

(JM) #8

I bought an Aquarius at worlds, twisted the string onto the bearing (I don’t know why, I wasn’t thinking) after I got this weird knot thing, and I was looping with it for while. It was… interesting.


I’ve looped with a metal zero before. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would actually use a plastic yoyo you already have (Lyn, Kickside, Journey, etc.) so you can get good at catching it (if you’re doing 4a) and if you’re going to do 5a just use a yoyo you already have for 1a. Works well.

I haven’t tried anything for 2a besides Brains and Relics but the Relics are wonderful for me.


Try Looping with no rim on. Add on the things that make the rim stay, but have no rims.

A little light but still the awesome.