What is the best bi metal yoyo?

You don’t sound dumb. You sound like a good caring person. Those that are mean need to be called out. Things just come across different when it’s typed instead of in person. I enjoy reading your posts :heart_eyes_cat: :hugs:


The best I’ve ever used is a turning point final grade it has a magnesium body and very large titanium rims making it an extremely powerful throw but extremely lightweight at the same time however no one really seems to know anything about it even im not sure how it came about


TopYo titanium Twin Drive, i threw one once for about 15 minutes and felt like if that was the only yoyo i had…id still be happy, it’s that good. Shame they are so limited.

Haha, ah ■■■■ man. I get your humor, its all good.

I also know there realky isnt any one “best throw” there sre however "best throws for specific niche’s in playing style, and even that is subjective to the thrower. Or there are are “best” all around yoyo’s that perform well in every catagory, which again comes down to the thrower and what they like.

Plus, when you look at strength, hand size, play style etc youll get ten different people giving ten different answers.

I had a collapsar, it was sick! I wish I kept it… but I needed to scrape together some cash, and I started enjoying my butter more once I sped up my tricks, figured the collapsar could go, I wasnt throwing enough at the time for both yoyos.

Now that im getting back into it, the butter is great! Its smooth, quick, predictable, weights nice! But I cant stop the urge to get another throw, something with more power and stability for longer combos, learning tricks (the more I can reoeat a trick before binding and re throwing the better) - I’m lazy that way lol…

I was really into YYrec throws, and kinda wished I bought the OD draupnir instead of the collapsar, had a thing for silver throws to.

When I saw the Evo, I read mixed reviews, one guy on youtube destroyed it… said it wasnt made as well as the butter, its hard to change direction and its slow and dowsnt play as well rounded as the butter.

I also read its fast as hell, stable as an F1 car, and its larger. Im a bodybuilder / mountain man with big hands, big throws work for me. I want stability and long spin times for play, and I already have the butter to scratch the need for a fast throw. EVO made sense, plus yyf gave me a 10%? Discount code :slight_smile:

Hinemosu was high on my list, collapsar with less weight! Just to pricey for now. Im happy with my purchase.

disclaimer I do hope the evo rims dont come loose… I get the re-adjustment tool is aupposedly for Insursnce, but one never does no, there maybe a flaw in the design where the rim weights loosen naturally overtime? Time will tell.

I think we have an tendancy to dive into the nitty gritty of things, easily convincing ourselves that we need more, we need better etc. When from a subjective standpoint, most high end throws will deliver similar performance, and performance that is far more than adequate for the tricks we’ll play.

Like someone said in another thread. Get a throw because you love collecting, or you want a different feel on the string, or you want to fill a different niche (stability and power vs speed and agility) etc.

I could be way off here, but ill go out on a limb and say there really isnt any “one best throw” given what has been said above.

More like “top performing throws” from their you decide if you want a wider throw, a narrower throw with larger diameter, a heavier throw, or hell… just a throw based on look, be it pink, gold, silver, etc.

I think Ill love the evo. First thing Ill do is de-shield and dry with acetone, then give her a test spin.

The more I start throwing again however, the more I appreciate what the butter can do. Its just hard mentally knowing that its so mainstream, and “cheap” compared to TP or YYrec, that gets in my head and then I start thinking maybe its not the best throw and I should buy something better. But thats smoke and mirrors so to speak.

Back to the thread

I played a collapsar for a while, if you dont mind a heavy slower throw, that thing is stupid powerful, it would triple the time of string play over my butter.


Really like my Sturm panzer Leo Schneider and Leo Schneider MK2. I would probably put my yyr start the Riot in my top spots as well.

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GTR, Dreamland, Collapsar.

Dreamland is so underrated it hurts.


I agree on collapsar it’s so powerful and great stable.smooth hinemosu is awesome too just great and feels light … not tpo heavy im selling mines if interested…

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ASTer in dark grey black ish nice


The hin, how much?

Socius will always get my vote. I love this yoyo.


Oophh that is nice. Titanium rims

Stainless steel rims actually

Turth be told i am completely smitten with my full run of throws from motion, but one i dont see mentioned is the mighty mini, the mini star 2. Fantastic throw!

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SS Rims are great to give powers, but I prefer Titanium rim better because SS rim could feel too heavy to move as they has about 3 times more density than 6061 does, which causes making hard to have ideal weight balance :rofl:

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Hmm good point steel is heavier. Titanium is better lighter but expensive. Lol its great i love both dont we all love binetals and trimetals heehee

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How does the grasshopper 2.0 compare with the GTR JS?

I own a grasshopper 2.0 and am very happy with it but I’ve heard a lot of good things about the gtr js


I’m surprised I didn’t see any Yoyofriends!

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least obsessed draupnir fan