What is the best bearing for the YYF Horizon?

I have a horizon and the bearing that came with it isn’t doing too great im just wondering if there’s a particular bearing that does well in it

Center Trac is my favorite.

All my stock bearings are working well in my Horizons. I typically play all of my yo-yos stock anyway.

Most bearing issues can be resolved by a thorough cleaning.

Otherwise, I agree, the CT that came with mine works plenty fine. Then again, any of my bearings work plenty fine in it, because I keep good care of my bearings.

I agree with Fullthrottle, the Care and Maintenance of the Bearing should be performed on it before seeking out a new Bearing for the Horizon… The Center Trac should be enough until you some how wear it in to the point that General Maintenance isn’t enough to revive it.

I find 10 ball, flat bearings, to be my choice, spin forever and don’t get weird when ya’ get a few string wraps in there

The bearing that came with my new horizon was a bit noisey and gritty. Luckily, I had another CT on hand that was smooth and quiet. It was a little hard to remove, even with the YYF tool. Plays great now!

a certain chinese ct

Stock bearing is definitely the best.