What is chico yoyo like?


I’ve been looking at getting roller and putting stacks on it or getting the heavy hitter
what are they like


I’ve played a Gullwing and Manimal and Flyer but never the Roller. They play pretty nicely and I often wonder why they aren’t more popular. The one thing though I didn’t care for was the ano job on the Flyer but other than that they are some good playing, undersized throws.

(YoYo_Freak) #3

I love the Roller. Very smooth and silent, also good for horizontal.


While some claim that the Roller is of lesser standards than regular Chico Yoyos, I beg to differ. It is an amazing yoyo not only for the price, but in general. It can handle anything you can throw at it. Like Njstringer said, It’s a wonder why they are not more popular.


Ano job on the flyer was average, nice colours but terrible for grinding.


I won a Manimal recently and straight out of box it was SUPER smooth. And the bearing made no sound what do ever. I had to keep checking that it was spinning. It was really weird. Great colors on Manimal, and the blast on it is very good.