What throw just brings you enjoyment to play with?

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I have tons of high-ends, yet the one I enjoy throwing the most would be my capless Pinnacle. It’s just so light, nimble, and floaty, plus it has a comfy shape. What’s your favorite yoyo to throw for fun?


I love the Anti-yo Vizilla. Sometimes i dont even have to play with it because it is just a beautiful. But it is the perfect size and weight for me and it is just so smooth. i just cant get enough with it!


Classic. Oh, btw, a yoyo can’t be “nimble”. That’s a skill. Yoyos don’t have skills.


I’m really liking the Bassalope I just picked up

It’s a nice size and super floaty
Perfect for my slower style!


Canvas, Moonwalker and Bassline2 are probably my current top 3 ‘fun’ throws.




Duncan Mg, YYF 09’ Severe, Tom Kuhn 3 in 1 no jive, Bio Malleus, Pad ressessed FHZ.


So “nimble” can only apply to action and not description? News to me.


i really want to try a moonwalker




Well, usually nimbleness occurs with action :slight_smile:


54 and canvas


I have a few one would be my YYJ classic just such a fun Yoyo. I have it on me right now!


Oh man the cascade!






I really enjoy my Equilateral because it plays so easily.

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Easy to be nimble in play with? How about that :wink:




YoyoFactory Ricochet. It’s hard to choose just one, but lately, I can’t seem to put it down.