Fun yoyos?

What yoyos do you think are “fun”? What makes them fun?

Ever yoyo ever invented is fun to play with. Why? Because they are yoyos.

Maybe I should rephrase this:
Which do you think are the most fun yoyos?

General Yo MiniStar

Light Up FHZ. You can play it in a box, you can play it with a fox. You can play it in the light, you can play it at night. You can play it in a cave, you could play it at a rave. Don’t you like green eggs and ham?


I have a yotech triple switch which sleeps and loops

The EH is a hoot. Feels crazy good on the string and is bouncy as all get out. Something about the weight on mine is just right.

Cliff, too. No return-top that big should feel the way it does.

Theory… the caps give it fun feel.

Nearly everything in my collection is fun in my opinion. The ones that aren’t still serve a function.

What makes them fun? because I like them! I can go from my Anglam to my modded Classic and have the same amount of fun. Price has no bearing on fun. Fun has no price.

Whatever you enjoy. Preferences vary. There is no definitive right answer. The only thing that matters is if you like it. The rest is irrelevant.

I like playing around with yoyos with hubstacks or 5a with any yoyo

I think its fun to land simple stuff on cheap, poor performing yoyos.
A Buddha’s Revenge landed on a Duncan Flying Squirrel feels just as good as a Spirit Bomb on a Code 2.

The Monkeyfinger Gelada is super fun for grinding.

Looping is fun.
Free Hand is fun.
Off String is fun.

YYJ Classics are fun. It feels great to nail long intricate combos on a $10 yoyo. It’s kinda like beating a Ferrari 458 in a drag race with your turbo charged b18 Honda Civic.

Yomega Mavericks are fun. They are small, perform well once made unresponsive, and every 90’s kid remembers Yomega. There is nothing like watching Full House, drinking a Mondo Juice, and playing with a Yomega yoyo. lol.

That new yym kuyostar ;$

Dr. YoYo has mine right now for review/evaluation. I can’t wait to read what he comes up with. I’ve been so into my Burside right now working on learning new stuff that H don’t have time to spend with the Kuyostar. I will say it is loads of fun!

The CLASHcube is fun for me. Despite its unusual shape, it really good to play with. :slight_smile:

PGM with thin bearing. ;D

I like using stacks for fun so I’d say the GM or the G5.

Right now playing around with grinding with my new ILYY falcon

The big yo and other super oversize. Throws are fun for 1a and mini yoyos are also fun for 1a

What u know about them b18’s? We got some those here. I call them horse killers, cuz they can eat mustangs in quarter mile run by 2secs.