Fun YoYos

What yoyos do you think are just the most fun to play?

To me fun would be able to throw long spin times and be able to throw a bunch of combos. In that case, it’d be my Space Cowboy or 7075 Supernova.

OG Avalanche, Code 1, 54, Fragment/Uragment, Draupnir, Amplitude, WM2, Valor, Summit. Just some that have jumped out to me as being particularly fun and that i enjoy playing with. Also notice that they’re all on the lighter side of the spectrum. Don’t think i’ve ever come across a heavy yoyo that was fun. They usually feel so clunky and lifeless to me.


Yyj classic or werrd minute

OG milk and the broken yoyos sumo
Old school stuff that’s mostly organic

Clyw Yeti
Clyw canvas
Yoyofactory 08 888
Vsnyyc Battosai

this, the only fun yoyo. None of the others are fun to play with, just the klr

Organic throws for me. Duncan MG, Ape-x, and ricochet are ones that I feel like are more for fun.

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I agree. There’s something to be said for simplicity.

No-Jive, Bonfire, Torrent II (miss mine), Yeti, T1… Oh and Pinnacle!

2014 Eh, Sullivan

Battosai and cascade I think are the most fun

I’m also partial to organic throws as my fun ones. Markmont. Classic (when I use the aluminum SE’s) and Orbitron 5000 are probably my most laid back and fun throws. There’s just something about a floaty organic that’s super satisfying and never gets old.

I usually wouldn’t be so naive as to say which is the funnest but… I guess I will do so anyway. *Bread and Circuses, none the less. To me, the Duncan Torque has just been amazing. I continue to learn new things on it and the Yo-Yo has single handedly brought me to a whole new level of playing. I guess I was Intermediate to Advanced when I first got the Yo-Yo six months ago but, I am probably Advanced to Expert now. Maybe High-Advanced/Entry-Expert to Master… …, It was the first Yo-Yo I can say I feel like I took like a Duck to Water with.

They’re all fun. That’s why I do this.

I just wanted to know which ones people liked purely for a unique “funness factor” :slight_smile: