what is a really good offstring throw?


i am just looking for a really good high quality offstring yoyo. Any price is okay im just curious which ones are out there.


Zeekio Saturn V. Go watch my video if you want to see it in action.

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I accidentally used my brother’s account. That last post is from me.


Philip shreds with the Saturn V. André told me last year at Nats he recommends the Yoyorecreation Aeronaut.

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Aeronaut is polycarb, Saturn V and Apollo II are delrin. For polycarb yoyos, I would recommend the Duncan Skyhawk when it is released. All four yoyos mentioned are $40, and all are really good. It depends on what plastic you want.


honestly the plastic dosent mater to me. by the way you do shred with saturn v. im gonna read some reviews on all of the ones that you guys have mentioned

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The Saturn V doesn’t have any reviews on it yet, unfortunately. Since you don’t care about the plastic, I would recommend delrin(Saturn V to be more specific) since it is more durable(i think. sombody back me up please).