A little help choosing?

So it’s like ( Brand name ~ Yoyo name)

I have enough to make any combination of only TWO of these YoYos, I want one Delrin and one Metal, here:

sOMEThING ~ The V Considering
RecRev ~ TA-1S
Shinwoo ~ Pro Wing
YYF ~ Severe Really Considering (LOOKS AMAZING!)
Adegle ~ Roc Considering (LOOKS AMAZING!)

Adegle ~ Glaze Really Considering (LOOKS AMAZING!)
MagicYoYo ~ N12
YYF ~ H.O.T Really Considering (LOOKS AMAZING!)
YYJ ~ Theory Really Considering
YYJ ~ Dark Magic II
RecRev ~ Facade Considering

While at this, Which Strings do you guys recommend ? please be specific with type and brand!

So I’ve never had a splashed up colorful YoYo :o (reason for the * beside some of them) LOL! The ones with consideration beside are the ones I know how they preform ! I know they’re great! The others I don’t know a lot about!

Of course, I’m looking for the best quality with least price! :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard all of these are top notch high quality YoYos so I’d like to know your recommendations AND personal experiences !! If all are very similar in quality and play, then I’ll have some FASHION to choose! :smiley:

Out of these choices I would recommend the YYF Severe and the YYF HOT.

I believe that the YYF Severe is one of the best performing plastic yoyos available today, perhaps ever created. The metals you have listed are okay, but you can get much better for cheaper. The HOT is the best out of your choices though. HOWEVER I would recommend the YYF Supernova, but since you might get a Severe, the Supernova is just a metal version of that, and I assume you don’t want pretty much the same thing, so I would have to recommend the YYF Genesis. One of the best yoyos being sold today (also one of the best I’ve ever used), and used to win many many competitions and not to mention cheaper than the HOT.

I would get the YYF Genesis and YYF Severe for sure.

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Some notes:

The DM2 isn’t a metal, it’s a plastic/metal yoyo.

The ROC is known to have axle issues. Haven’t met anyone who has used that who hasn’t had an issue with it. Same thing with the Whale. You realize these are off-strings, right?

Now, I have played the delrin Severe and I didn’t care for it. How you should you interpret this? I’ll tell you: It just didn’t match my preferences, and that’s why. As far as quality goes, I can’t say anything negative about it in any way.

I have the TA-1A and the V. Between the two, I go for V shapes, so the V wins. The TA-1S feels more casual play in my opinion, but it’s still a great yoyo. To me, the V plays a lot better.

Full metals:
N12 is surprisingly good. Not just for the money either. We’re talking “good good”.
I have 4 DM2’s, but they are metal/plastics so I ain’t gonna talk about them. This is a favorite of mine.
YYJ Theory, I will likely get at BAC
The YYFs you mention hold no interest to me.

The RecRev Facade has an amazing colorway, awesome performance, insanely good pricing and is something I really like. If you’re spending that, DO consider the Freq. Wave, as I feel it’s got an edge over the Facade by a big margin.

If we’re talking that kind of money, the C3 Capless is another contender to take seriously as well.

If you’re in my neck of the woods, I have many of these you can try.

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I have already decided on the Severe, from the delrin list, and now I’m only awaiting some more opinions on the metals :smiley:

The Capless is a beast. You will not regret getting one.

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From your list, I vote for the H.O.T. I haven’t tried one myself, but I want to get one eventually, and I’ve never had a YYF I didn’t like.

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Yeah!! I haven’t had a YYF that I didn’t like either! :smiley: But since I’ve already decided I like the Severe, I want to try a different make, just to experiment a little better! the H.O.T was one of my choices, but I decided that I don’t want to get both yoyos from the same company.

So the Capless is shinning better in my eyes by the minute! haha, I’ll be waiting for a few more suggestions and opinions until YYE hopefully restocks soon!! :slight_smile:

Cool, you’ll be saving some money by taking the Capless over the HOT, so why not skip the Severe and go straight for the Supernova?

And I also have to see for myself what this Capless is all about! It comes up all the time in different threads, sooo…

I have no idea how much money you have but a metal not listed that you may want to consider is the Summit. Excellent play.

Now as for the strings, I would recommend Toxic. They have quite a few formats so there is sure to be one that fits your needs. Best thing you can do is buy a sampler pack of Toxic string which comes with one of every format. Play them all and pick the format that best fits your style of play.

the summit and CLYW will probably be my next stop after these! and thanks for the tip on strings ! :slight_smile:

severe facade