YYR Aeronaut

So I’m new into offstring, I can throw and catch a 1a yoyo, and I want to get an actual offstring. I was looking at the YYR aeronaut. The price is kind of high for an offstring,(compared to the go big, flight, etc.) but I know I want to get into 4a so I don’t mind spending that much. Is the aeronaut any good?

Get a fiesta tres or flight.

The aeronaught is the second highest quality plastic you can find on this site the first being the another eagle. I’d give my recommendation based on its size sturdiness and it ability to fingerspin plus it’s a yoyorecreation. However for 40 bucks you’d be better off buying either a jetset eg or a neo solar which are bothe machined Delrin and machined to a high quality. The jestset in particular being one of the best 4a yoyo at any price

The Aeronaut is incredible and I use it whenever I can.
However as stated already, a jetset will be easier to use and is better due to its delrin properties. Especially the EG


If you want really high end there’s this otherwise I’d just grab a flight