What is a GT?


People keep mentioning a GT but i have no idea what it is… ???


it is a green triangle. theres lots of funky language related to yoyos, it takes a while to get used to.
heres a short dictionary
dm2=dark magic 2
pgm=plastic grind machine
sili=silicone response
fhz=freehand zero
theres lots of them


Welcome to YYE!!! (yoyoexpert) :stuck_out_tongue: and good luck learning the online yo-yo language. :wink:


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Yeah, the lingo is somewhat frustrating. If you don’t know, ask, just like you did in this post.

And welcome!


Sometimes the jargon is hard to keep up with and it really helps to befriend an experienced member of the yoyoing community so they can help you with all of the jargon that comes with yoyoing.


None of you actually answered his question :P. A green triangle is when you get the yoyo kind of over the string and back onto it. It’s best to look at tuturials for it, but it’s just a nice looking “finish” trick.


The first guy who posted after the OP did, he asked what a GT was and the answer is Green triangle, hehe. Also it is not just a finisher, you can do alot of things with a GT, just a few are a simple frontstyle and trianglesides (triangle suicides). I have combos centered around the GT so there is more than just finishing a trick with one.


I love green triangles. I can end up in one through half of my tricks. Great trick, just remember which way to pop it out of the string(you’ll know what I mean when you learnit


thanks everyone! ;D


green triangle ex: double GT hers a vid

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ1G3xdtz7Y&list=UUvWA2sk_GjBnvrlz3w-s7zw&index=4&feature=plcp  :stuck_out_tongue: