Green triangle on the wrong string, is there a name for this?


When you try a simple green triangle (brother mount behind) but then land on the wrong string twisted around ?


A type of gt


A normal GT which exits out the back.


No, it exits out the front. Back gets a knot


What did you edit coding?


Find out for yourself by clicking or tapping the edit pencil at the upper right of the post.


Ah… thanks! Didn’t know you could do that!

(André Boulay) #8

Generally speaking a green triangle is a green triangle… There isn’t different terminology for it unless you can ‘drop’ it without getting a knot…

  • If you drop it and it would get a knot = green triangle (regardless of if you have to exit front or back).
  • If you drop it and there is no knot = red triangle


Oh i know what you mean, if you pass your throw hand under the yoyo and cross your hands with non-throw hand on top, you get a reverse GT. That mount is pretty useful.


THANK YOU! You’re the only person to say!