Green Triangle Dispute....

I’m trying to learn a new mount/dismount and the green triangle is the one I’m working on at the moment. I can’t seem to get my yoyo on the back string, though. I put it over my throw hand and it always hits the front or both strings?

Any suggestions? Position of hand? Practice? Type of yoyo? (Doubt it is the yoyo)

Thanks! Anything helps…

I’m not a noob, I just can’t seem to get this. I’m an intermediate to advanced player. I can do onne expert trick, its just ironic I can’t land the green triangle. :o

Nevermind, only took a few hours. I got it! ;D

good that you got it… the GT is actually no mount and there are a lot of variations how to get into one… so your gonna learn a lot of GT´s in your career^^ “Green Triangle” is (at least for me) no Trick, its more a “string formation”, just something to keep in mind :wink:

And what is a string formation if not a mount?you can do many tricks from gt, and wrist mount is a string formation, so is 1.5 and so on…

you can do many tricks from GT?.. ya… popp out the front… popp out the back… :smiley: there is not a lot to do from a GT not even close to any mount

Glad you got it! it took me a while too…

There are other ways out of a GT, though I admit I can’t do them very smoothly myself. It can definitely be used as a mount! At minimum, you can also do GT Suicides. Strictly speaking, I wouldn’t say that a mount has to be anything other than a yoyo in an idle state on a string formation anyhow.

in that case everything would be a mount… it doesnt care i gues^^ never considered a GT a mount… people dont call the magic drop thing a mount either…

Not everything, no. In the middle of a “Follow”, the yoyo is not resting on a string, nor is it idle. A trick isn’t a mount… there’s no “Matrix” mount. You cannot have a “follow” mount! Magic Drop isn’t a mount, it is a move. BUT, I would argue that the formation resulting from the Magic Drop is a mount. It doesn’t have a name, but it would be fair to say, “The mount you’re in after Magic Dropping to the back string”.

But any time you have a string formation with the yoyo resting on a segment and can hold it idle… I would say that it is a mount.

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hmm… you kind of dont “rest” ever if your combo has “flow”… i see what your saying! dont get me wrong^^ the argument is pretty pointless, the GT is just in a different category for me in my brain^^

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That’s because traditionally GT is a destination, not a beginning or a mid-point. :wink: I get you, and I’ve felt those feels before. But my perspective is shifting a bit.

Not to “argue” but to add some more food for thought:

You’re in a trapeze, which is inarguably a mount. There are things you can do, like Houdini/Mach Whip, but for the vast majority of the time, you are just coming back off it or hopping straight up. You could hop out of a GT into many of the same tricks you could hop out of a Trapeze for. Tiny GT’s make this difficult (you’re just trying to dismount without a knot!) but large GT’s like those from a nice Ninja Vanish should pose no trouble!

ya! that first part puts it pretty well, about it being a destination, not a start. for me every mount is a start.

your right, its pretty hard to define what a “mount” is… it just feels like you pop out the GT into a Trapeze (wich is a mount) and go on from there… so the GT is not the mount but the end point of the last trick, wich transfers into the mount

Sure, but to take it one step further, instead of hopping out and landing in a trapeze, you hop out and continue around a finger right into another trick. I keep goofing this one up when I try, but I’ve been told you can grab the right string segments with your NTH middle finger and thumb and eject the yoyo out, much like the “Wrist Mount to Slack” element/trick. This would leave you with the yoyo going over the forefinger and some slack around the thumb. Handy!

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i gues if you use it like that it would be “my definition” of a mount, but i never use it like that… and no one really seems to do it either… but i´ll experiment with that for sure :smiley:

Yeah, what Greg has to say is simple textbook stuff that I’ve tried to mess around with.I FAILED

lol, anyways, BeneTan, I’m going to experiment too. I want to try to ust the GT when creating and developing tricks. ;D

I feel like I need to make a trick using a GT as a mount just to prove that this statement is false

Please do so. I thought it was a mount, but he was like:


please do :smiley: would love to see stuff from a GT, its not like i hate the GT with all my heart :smiley: in my head its not a mount tho… it was no attack against anyone who treats it as one^^

IT can be anything you want it to be. ;D


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