(plz read) can you do a GT slack or something from this crossed arm gt?


Hey guys, this might be kinda hard to describe, but bare with me.
Im kinda new to green triangles, Im starting to like them a lot. So can you do this with me?
Get into a Houdini mount. Now, just like your going into a kamikaze mount, bring the string on your thumb under the yoyo, but dont let the yoyo sit in that string, go all the way behind the yoyo. And unhook the string that is on your first (index) finger. Now if you hold it up, it will look like a necklace (with an extra string at the he bottom and the yoyo is dangled at the bottom)pit the yoyo on the string that is closer to the yoyo… Kinda like the bottom string. You can pop up the yoyo and land it there. (Almost done) then… U kinda like pass it to the left and land it on the string (I think ur arms should be crossed) then drop the stuff on your left hand. You should be in a crossed arm green triangle. I did this once and I didn’t know how yo dismount. Also, can you do a slack? Like throw the triangle and catch it? cuz im really bad at it. Sorry for the lonnnggg post.


Ummm… A vide may be useful…


Hahah ik… I might make one now




whoops, sport font know why I did that…


I can’t clearly visualize what you’re saying, but I know from crossed hand GT, you can pop it uncross your hands and land back in a GT! Looks awesome


This isn’t me by the way, but watch this vid. At 1:00 you can stop watching it. Thats when the guy will be in the mount, I called it “the necklace mount”. He just lets the string off his hand, II push the yoyo into the string in the left and then drop the string, idk if it’s the exact same mount though…


So the necklace mount is a bikini mount with the yoyo popped into it through the front?


Ohhhhh bikini mount… You pop it up and land it on the lowest string… So the yoyo isn’t dangling at ge bottom, you just popped it up on the bottom string. Then, you push it to the left string. Then drop the strings on your left hand.