A way to get into green triangle.

Okay so I don’t know every trick in the book, but i was messing around learning spirit bomb

When getting into the wrist mount. And pulling the top string on your wrist away from you, and separating it the extra string like in and whut with your nth, I wind back up in a green triangle.

I am wondering if this has already been done. I will post a vid if required thanks!

I haven’t seen it but there are lots of gt so it might not

Okay a vid is coming once I get out of work

Thats a fun GT, A funner one that I figured out is once your in the wrist mount you separate like spirt bomb with the first move with your finger then pop it up to the top string and let it all go over your throw hand and you will be in a double GT, then flip it back around and do what you did for the GT from wrist mount while its flipping to a GT. I have it on a vid on here on the yoyo videos called 5.5 months progress or something like that and I do that in the combo. peep it if you have time!

HA! I knew I wasnt the only one who used that word

Gotta love improper english! I cant get away with it in reviews so I splirt it out as much as possible outside of reviews lol