green triangles

does anybody have tutorials for double green triangle’s

Here’s a pretty easy one for you from text:

Throw a Spirit Bomb mount and take your freehand out. Hold the string tied to your finger with your freehand pointer. Take your wrist out. Tada! Dismount out the back.

That’s the simplest I can think of ^^

Hitoshi’s Triangle is a trick that involves a double GT at one point ^^

you do spirt bomb mount and pull up front string and slide the rest off wirst

what’s a double GT

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oh i thought like you whip it around twice like a hook and then land in a normal gt

is there any more complicated ones.

I did a Ninja Vanish into a double GT once and almost pooped :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never been able to replicate it since.

i can do a reverse brent stole. But lets get to the point if you do into a wrist mount and swing over your hand (right) and grab the string that wraping over your index and pointer then drop the formation Bam! a double GT, the formation should look like xdohls picture. ;D