Green Triangle. Hmmmm....

I’ve noticed that the GT is a really popular trick and looks cool too.
But i have no idea how to do it. Can anyone tell me (or show me a vid) the easiest way to do one?
And another thing WHY is it called Green Triangle? ???
Please and thank you in advance. Laters. :]

GTs are popular because it is fun to try to get into them in different ways. The eiffel tower is another example of this. The reason it is called a green triangle is because it is one of the three types of triangles. The three types are green, black, and red triangles. Red triangles you can just drop. Green and black triangles you must dismount from the front or the back, it varies. A black triangle is just a reverse or cross-armed green triangle. Here is a video of the simplest way to get in a GT. Also, check out It has a good amount of GT tutorials, some more advanced than others. Also, there are good trick tutorials there, too. :wink: In addittion to this, if you watch the gondola video, the triangle at the end is a red triangle. It is arond 0:32-0:33 Hope this helped. :wink:

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many easy ways i think this is best for beginers do eiffel tower and after you do the last part of eiffel tower by showing the aduience, put the left side of the tower under the yoyo drop everything and keep on holding the left side of tower you in it! :slight_smile:

Wow the tower one is like… amazingly easy. And cool :]