The Last of a Trilogy of Triangles: Panda Joe's Grey GT

A cross arm GT. Enjoy.

You make the BEST videos. This deserves my sub.

Thanks man! ;D

You do make great vids… you always make good song choice, I’ve already subscribed…

I think…

Wow. I didn’t realize I’d get subscribers.

Nice video! :wink: Thats a lot of GTs! :slight_smile:

Almost learning it, but I have to go to bed, I’ll just learn it tommorow.

Amazing. You got another subber ;D

Nice vid! I’m just wondering why do people call it red green triangle or grey green triangle? Why not just red triangle or grey triangle (not trying to offend you or anything)?

Cause GT sounds WAAAAAAAY more X-TREME!!! XP

You have yet another subscriber!

You know how you got into the pendulum thing? A easier way to get into it is it throw a breakaway, grab the string about half way, pull up the yoyo, and twist the the string you are not grabbing in a clockwise motion once.

Oh yeah there’s a million ways to get in it but this way is way cooler! XP