What is a good yoyo to carry around in public

Title says it all.

Same as the go to pocket throw thread

Lol yeah, but for plastics either a one or whip, for metal a DV888 ir similar yoyo. You dont want it to big, and you want it to be one you can easily control

I carry my burnside.

I carry 9 to yoyos with me everywhere I go. ( 7 compartment yoyoexpert bag and my pgm on a yyf belt clip.)

code 2
Freehand zombie with die
Bumble bee
yyf big deal
Grind machine

This way everyone can yoyo with me. :smiley:

Anyhow I take whatever my most reliable throw at that time on a custom made holder by Totalartist !

Usually St.eel
But also scuffed Dietz or Code2 with ground avoiding damping field.

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Ok now im confused. I listed 9.

  1. Code 2 (pocket 1)
  2. Dietz (pocket 2)
  3. Maverick (pocket 3)
  4. Drifter (pocket 4)
  5. Freehand zombie with die (pocket 5)
  6. Pro-z (pocket 6)
  7. Bumble bee (flat enough to fit in 7th compartment)
  8. Yyf big deal (small enough to fit in my parts case inside the 7th compartment)
  9. Yyf grind machine (also known as pgm) on my yyf belt holder.

Do you think some are not yoyos? ???

Any yoyo you have is good to carry around in public.


Yea that’s pretty much what I was going for. Less confusion if I’d just said it that way.

I mean a cheap throw that still can do most tricks but I wouldn’t really care if it got scuffed up.

I have a beater 888 that I carry around that is quite dented (after getting it from someone else) but it plays incredibly.

Any yoyo is good in public. If you can find a pocket or backpack to put it in you are SET!!!

I usually wear cargo pants so I carry 1 or 2 regular sized yoyos. If I’m wearing jeans I use a leash attached to my belt loop.

I carry about 12 in my case if my case goes with me, but my main throw is usually the one I use in public. Currently being my Echo.

I didn’t know you fit 2 in one pocket…my bad.
I’m waiting for Jayyo’s classic “the one that brings out my alluring (fill in with witty noun)”

He meant he has an 8 yoyo capacity YYE bag. I have the same one.

Yea dude. The 7 compartment bag from yye is sick. If I took out my parts case and maybe wrapped yoyos in a paper towels to avoid scuffing, I could probably fit 9 yoyos in the 7th compartment. It really is an under rated bag. And you can wear it over the shoulder, it has a belt loop, or a top hole that allows you to hook it to a backpack or something. I love this bag.

For me, my daily carry tends to be a blue C3 Halo (delrin) strapped to my jeans in a holster. Hides dings and scuffs exceptionally well. And white goes with everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually carry a Sunset Trajectory with me 'cause I find I can throw/loop pretty much anywhere and not think about it (in line at the grocery store, walking here and there, etc.). But when I do carry a 1A throw it’s usually a nickel throw like my Wooly Markmont or my blue/silver Aurora. Both look cool to carry around strapped to my jeans and I find the nickel or titanium throw is a good conversation piece as well as great throws. They nickel also ages really nice and adds to the look. :wink:


My SCLB seems to have been getting a lot of pocket throw love lately. It’s narrower profile has made it comfortable to keep in the pockets (as opposed to stuffing my DM in my pocket) yet it’s a stable enough competition-confident throw (being that if I were to compete, I would definitely consider using this). Since it has a few dings in it already (got it in a trade) I’m not way too concerned if it gets another…not that I’m going to let it get dinged anymore.