Carry-a-round throw.

I’ve invested quite a bit of money into yoyo’s over the last couple of months, however I’m lacking a good carry-around throw. All of my yoyo’s are currently either metal, which I wouldn’t want to throw outside… or they’re not very visually appealing (I still love you protostar). I’m looking for an even balance between being visually appealing, excellent playability, and not expensive enough to have a miniature heart attack if it hits the ground.

So far I’ve found the Halo and similar delrin competitors and that’s about it.

Anything else you’d recommend taking a look at?

I was going to suggest a North/Protostar but since that’s out, maybe a low-mid end metal? The C3 Capless would be my rec.


Maybe a magic yoyo

G-funk would be an excelent choice, it has nice splash colorways and wont give you a heart attack if you ding it and its small so you can fit it in your pocket.

i would still get a heart attack, lol.

G-funk would be great though if you weren’t as OCD as i am.

I struggle with bringing my higher priced yoyos around with me as well. What I did was find something I liked on the BST and pre-determined I’ll use it as a carry around assuming I actually like it when it comes in. Most of the time the BST yoyo I look for is not mint to start which leaves me far less concerned about if it touches something. I also try to pick up slightly smaller yoyos for carrying around in my pocket. I currently have a near mint Dingo I love and it’s a great size to carry with you.

The Halo is a great choice, I love mine.

look on the bst for a pre beat (hehe) metal. it will cost less and you still get a high quality yoyo.

Personally, I don’t care what others think, so “visually appealing” doesn’t enter my equation.

This week, I’ve been playing a God Tricks Destiny and enjoy it. I’ve also been carrying my wet whistle, Decapod, KLR, DM2 and Metropolis. I grab what I feel like using and then go for it.

With that in mind, ain’t nothing wrong with the Protostar unless it’s too big for your pockets. Gnarwal is a good choice, as is the Wooly Marmot and Campfire. Dietz is a good size as well.

If you’re looking for “value metals”, this God Tricks stuff is pretty darn good and I think I’m gonna have to get me some more. Magic YoYo is really blowing me away as well. I’m interested in springing to get a Shinwoo Zen yoyo but I keep spending on higher priced stuff right now. The dv888 is OK. The C3 DiBase is amazing, as is the Halo.

Then again, if you’re not opposed to plastics: Stackless Grind Machine, PSG, Asteroid, Speed Maker, Kickside, Lyn Fury(my choice for pocket due to size and with easy mods: clean bearing and silicone it) are all wonderful choices. A bit more spendy is the Legacy II and Chaser. Of course, if you’re considering getting a Chaser, the Protostar is just as good and you already have it.


One of my KLRs, my 5 Star, or my YYJ Trigger.

I usually carry my Supra, or WHiP.

C3 scepter is perfect for carry around if you can find one. The Delrin really doesn’t take much damage, it’s a fun throw, and it’s not so wide that it’s uncomfortable to carry.

If your looking for visually appealing, but cheaper than a high end metal (i.e. less than $100) one of the 3yo3 acrylics possibly? and apparently they look killer when the sun hits them. (some of the models are about $60 if you buy them from 3yo3).
Hope i wasn’t too confusing,

I have two 3Yo3 yoyos: The Ti-5 and the YYC Beta. Focusing on the Beta, these are like throwing art. Looks and performance. My problem now is I thing I need a couple more from this brand.

I just currently decided to carry my less desirable throws. I am going to start giving away a throw at least once a month to those who desire to learn.

A little charity for all the right reasons.

Get a dark magic 2, those things are indestructable! ;D
They still look good after a beating too.

I’d say psg or asteroid I just got one of each. And I take them everywhere.