what is a good cheap yoyo for intermedate 1a?

k, first the other questions were from my buddy, he needed help and i had just made this account soi let him use it. He asked abput yoyos like supernova,superstar,g5,888 ect. im going to be asking about WHiP,speed beetle,fireball ect.

I already know trapeze, brian twister, split the atom, mach 5 (i kinda suck at it…) but i dont know double or nothing for some reason…anyway, I currently have a Yomega xodus 2 yoyo. i want to upgrade from it. I was thinking about getting a WHiP. or is there another yoyo that is better than both of them? (remember the price range). is the bumble bee good for looping?? Thanks a lot guys!!! ;D

haha I was actually thinking about getting a one, but I heard (might be wrong) the WHiP is better, i already know it is unresponsive and I wanted to start playing unresponsive.

If you are willing to go to 15 dollars, you can get a yoyofactory onestar. this is a unresponsive yoyo that you have to BIND. if you know how to do that, you will love it. If you do not, get it and learn. it will make you advance much quicker
GOOD LUCK! :smiley:

Duncan Freehand Zero, or a Renegade.

the fireball is outdated by over 10 years and even then the raider destroys it in terms of looping which is from the same time period

the speed beetle is not a 1a yoyo and is outclassed by the whip in every way. Go with the whip and you won’t be disapointed at all with it. When you’re ready you can swap the bearing for unresponsive play and it’ll do anything you need it to

The Whip comes out of the box unresponsive. You might be thinking of the One.

The YoyoFactory OneStar recommendation seems like a good one (from everything I’ve heard). Also the YoyoJam Classic, but you’ll want a full-sized bearing (another $5) if you want to learn advanced tricks in the unresponsive style.

YYJ Clasic!!! just get a concave bearing, and some pads and your set!

Alpha Crash

magic yoyos ie n9 or n12