What is a cheap yoyo I can stay with for the rest of my yoyoing?

I don’t want to buy anymore because my parents are strict. So what is a yoyo I can stay with? P.S it has to be as cheap as possible.


pls dont get a dv888 save up and keep saving get a yoyo you want and if you want dont get another yoyo

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I was going to get a dark magic 2, will that work?

I’d say get a Protostar if you want something cheap that will last you a long time.

popstars good yoyofactory yoyo for 25 bucks i have one but the the dark magic is larger so its your choice dark magic is bigger popstar is smaller

YYJ Kickside.

Hmm, I don’t know why, but I think a metal wont last as long as plastics. But I’d say Protostar if you want to play a cheap yoyo but not cheap in quality and play. But if you want to grind, never ever use the Protostar or Northstar (except for IRG).

Raptor is a great choice, definitley worth the money, smooth on grinds and extremely well on smoothness, got 2 caps, laser engravings, 2 extra sets of response systems and is a nice quality yoyo.
Although you gotta swap or clean the bearing before play (inferring you play unresponsive).

the northstar trust me it plays as well as my genesis

dark magic 2 is a GREAT throw. but mine is broken because the threads on the inside of the yoyo are stripped. so if you want one to last you might not want to go with the dark magic 2. however i did beat up that yoyo alot. it can take some serious punishment. it has dings and scratches everywhere and it would still spin for a while… until the axle stripped
i would go with northstar or dv888