What injuries have you caused/gotten through yoyoing?

Theres gotta be something.

So many of these threads…

Ok, so one day I was throwing my Aoda Rainbow around, right? So I’m in a Trapeze and I do an Eli hop, It slams the ceiling, comes back down and smashes in my eye. So I run dowstairs Screaming “AAHH” and my mom just looks at me and screams. I look in the mirror.


There was blood everywhere and I nearly passed out.

Ohhhhhhh… that sounds bad… I though what I did was bad.
I walked into the house, Gnarwhal in hand, and I threw it. I didn’t have a knot, the string was just caught in the gap. One throw and it would have been just fine. The feisty little Gnarwhal hit my forehead, and the string unwound and hit the stove. I had a bruise.

Yeah, I had one other injury but it wasnt as bad As my Blood loss experience. What happened was, I had my old dv888 in the kitchen with and I picked it up a take it with me into the other room, and I dropped it right on my feet, I slid, and smacked my face, right on the Refrigerator. Big green bruises were on my face because my head hit a bunch of magnets lol.

I once whacked myself over the right eyebrow with a Septopus. The sharp angle of the rim was moving fast enough to give me a bit of a gash, but it healed up fine and the yoyo didn’t even have blood on it.

I let my 8 year old brother play with my Protostar, and I don’t know what trick he was doing, and then he cut his eyelid and bled quite a bit. He cried a little as we were cleaning the blood off, but the funny thing was that after, he said it didn’t hurt at all.

Haha. Classic tough guy Eh?

Oh nothing much, I just nearly blinded myself because me YYF Whip decided to shatter on me during mid play.

Every time I hit myself with a yoyo I worry more about the yoyo than I do about myself. hahaha

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When I was doing horizontal I missed the trapeze and bro, the yoyo continued its journey to its destination… My head. Ouch. The yoyo? Yyf Genesis. Full metal.

like many others, my eyebrow has been the main focus of my yoyo’s.

finished with a fancy bind and hadn’t checked how the string had gone into the gap, threw a decently forced throw, yoyo stopped half way and decided my face looked like a nice place to stop…

Had to get two stitches about my left eye… Haven’t picked up that supernova since.

if he can throw a breakaway, I’d say he threw a breakaway while the yoyo had a knot.

I’ve busted both my eyebrows doing this, as have a lot of other people. I remember someone saying they broke their toe with a popstar though.

My yoyo actually drew blood for the first time last week. Was using my superstar and I have no idea how, but it just snagged and hit in between my nose and eye. Left a small bruise and a small cut. Fortunately now there isn’t any mark whatsoever. :slight_smile:

Ouch. My Gnarwhal hit me in the toe so hard from the string breaking when I threw it I needed stitches

Hurting my fingers typing to respond to such threads.

Popped myself in the fingers of my non-throw hand after throwing a break-away after a not so good bind would be the ones that hurt the most.

Got hit on the bridge of my nose once and got cut. Very minor. It bled for a bit but no big deal and not much blood. Didn’t even leave a mark.

Other than that, the typical pain that is in your muscles when throwing or doing new stuff, or the palm of your hand hurting from the return, especially from yoyos with sharper rims.

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