What if you had an unlimited budget?

Suppose you had an unlimited budget to purchase one model for 1A and one model for 2A. The only constraints are that for each you must pick from a currently produced/available model, and that your choice must be aimed at yoyo performance rather than collectibility.

So for each type (1A and 2A), how would you answer these four questions:

  1. What yoyo model would you choose? (Bonus points for explaining why)
  2. What string type/brand would you use?
  3. What mods would you deploy?
  4. What would be the total (approximate) cost?

Obviously for 2A you’d have two copies of the one model, but for simplicity sake I’m constraining them to be the same model.

Well as far as unlimited budget goes there’s the Something Anglam MGSS (magnesium / stainless) for a cool $709.99 :rofl:


I do think it’s interesting to have a Magnesium yo-yo but my desire was sated by a muuuch cheaper secondhand Duncan Freehand MG.

Yowza, that seems pretty outrageous

Under these conditions…

1A: Any Luftverk titanium throw.
2A: Loop 2020 because I can customise it to my 2A skill level.

I would use Monkeyfinger Ape Hangers or Zipline Strings.

No mods would be needed & the total cost should be $350.

1a: Luftverk Fulvia BTM-R, Airetic
2a: YYF 2020s, YYSL Type X
Around $600 probably

And while we’re at it
3a: UNPRLD Cognition, YYSL Ammo
4a: YYR C9, Airetic
5a: UNPRLD Ignition, Airetic

All of that is almost $1200 :flushed:

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Luftverks don’t appear to be in production. I mean, their website shows every single model as “sold out”. That pretty much disqualifies their yoyos from consideration. Or am I missing something?

The YYF 2020 is still in development, is it not? That’s what it says on the YYF website anyway. If so, that too is disqualified.

Also, I don’t understand how Airetic strings are sold.

Yes, you are…

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Okay, so where are Luftverk yoyos available?

Obviously the Duhani P1 Prototype, of which only one exists. Pure platinum. $3750 I’d add Nanotechnologia’s AI Smartstring for a totally worth it $300. No mods needed. Total cost: $4050

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But is that because of its performance benefits, or because of its collectibility (rarity)?

Please note that I explicitly said to choose for performance, not rarity.

Performance. the Duhani switches between responsive play and unresponsive play via thought command, and it has unlimited spin time. The smartstring ensures a 0.00% failure rate for all tricks.

Your premise about current production is flawed. If you had an unlimited budget, you could track one down because they are still available if you really wanted one.


I probably should have made the reason behind the constraints clearer. The idea is to focus on products that are easily obtained through webstores like yoyoexpert or Amazon, or directly from the manufacturer. To be a sort of guide for those curious about the best mainstream mass market (not limited run or bespoke) products available, without concern for cost. The idea is not to seek out the most expensive, but to not let expense get in the way of obtaining best of breed throws.

YYR Draupnir and YYF Loop 1080s are what you’re looking at then. But for 1a, its so largely based on preference and playstyle, along with the fact that many yoyos nowadays are already close to perfect, that there’s going to be large variation in everyone’s ideal yoyo.

Oh definitely.

But by getting lots of survey samples, it could yield interesting results, especially if there are any trends in the data that emerge. But first the data has to be both valid (i.e., meeting the constraints), and of sufficient size to be meaningful.

As for the YYF Loop 1080, the yoyofactory website has this to say about it: “This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.” It therefore does not meet the constraints.

I get the feeling that Jeff might actually have an unlimited budget for yoyos… I think he’s even said something along those lines once before.

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Unlimited budget? Interesting. For 1A I would like to try the legendary draupnir, torn between the standard version or POM version because I really like plastics. For 2a, Japan Looping solutions RC2 seems really cool but I think that is geared toward the 2a pros, so maybe for my current skill level i prefer Something LP.

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  1. Turning Point Mustang (around 460 bucks). I wish they would produce a pink aurora version of it. I’d be really stoked to try this legendary yoyo

  2. I’d use the Skyline Prime Scales Zipline String or Takeshi String

  3. Mods? lol I don’t play 2a but I would probably lightly blowtorch the Mustang

  4. cost would be like 470 bucks I guess

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A Sturm Panzer Schneider MK-II ($189.99)

Anonymous Yoyo String Less Tension XL ($18.99)

I’d probably buy a stainless steel Yoyorecreation DS bearing for a mod ($11.99)

Total cost: $220.97

I’d have every G2. In every colorway :roll_eyes: