What I love most about yoyoing

Wall of text alert (it’s positive though!)

I think the thing I love the most about yoyoing, is that you don’t need to win any contests to be considered one of the greats/legends of yoyoing.

A lot of the people who are considered the best, don’t even compete anymore or never have, they just do their thing so well, it becomes an art. That’s not to say I don’t respect or enjoy competitions, I respect and enjoy them equally.

Gentry, Evan, Shion, Zach ect. All world champions and deserve their place in the yoyo hall of fame for what they’ve done for the competitive yoyoing scene alone. They’ve proven that they’re the best at competing. We’re all happy to agree that there’s other things you can do to become a legend and I think that’s an incredible aspect of our community.

Steve Brown isn’t particularly known for his competing anymore but he’s still considered a yoyoing legend because he does so much for us. Still, if you look at his history, you’ll definitely be rewarded with some competition tutu goodness.

Andre Boulay invests a lot of time, money and energy into supporting yoyoers and without him, many brands that also support yoyoers wouldn’t be able to do what they can do now to give back to the community. He taught an entire generation how to yoyo and instead of just cashing in on that, he continues to give every part of himself back.

Although Jensen is a world champion, it’s not really what comes to mind when you think of him now. It’s the same as what you think of when you think of Charles and Tyler. They all innovate with their performance and show us that yoyoing is a something that can be honed and perfected until yoyoing becomes a language. A way to speak to people that’s more than just some metal on a string.

Colin and the Scales crew are all amazing, not just because they compete so well, but because they spend so much of their time giving the value of their experience to the future of the community. Teaching kids how to become better at competing so they can, one day, join this line up of incredible people and take over.

These are just a few examples. I’m sure you have your own and I’d love to hear them. I’ve left out a lot for the sake of not writing an entire book here.

We’re so lucky to have such a large and diverse yoyo hall of fame that encompasses more than who clicks the best. It’s really exciting to see who’ll get there next, even if it’s not official and there’s no medal for it. It’s so good to know that it’s possible to just do your thing so well, you can transcend competition and become a great for who you are,. It’s such a positive message to send to people inside and outside of our ‘hobby’. It really is becoming a way of life that’s a real positive impact on us all.

As I said, there’s many people I’ve not recognised here as I’ve just given a few examples. Show those people some love.


Awesome post! :+1:

I have to agree that yoyo community was always one of the most friendly and helpful community out of my hobbies and other forums I visit back in ‘07 and I am glad to see it has not changed!

@AndreBoulay, with your expert village videos, and Richie who wrote a book called “Split the atom and other yoyo stuff” is who taught me how to yoyo, as I’m sure has many others like me, even though they don’t even know who we are, and doesn’t always get the full appreciation they deserve!

Having just got back to it I have already received so much help from the community here and everyone has been super helpful, insightful, and patient with all my long posts and lots of questions. Special mention to @zslane @twitch77 @Markmont @Durfee @SpyseaRice @EOS44 @AaronW @MarkD

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@vegabomb @Oroboryo @pmdon @SirDarverok @Lukoyo @Jhonaker @moby323 @JWaugh for all your words of encouragements, your advice, and just a good chat

Finally wanted to make a special mention to @codinghorror not only for the same reason listed above, but also for bringing Ti-Vayder in to the wild giving me an opportunity to purchase my first titanium yoyo at just $140! Can’t wait for it to be delivered!

Ah one more for @Mazdarx7FD because the Dove is amazing and it has been great for me to learn on and get back into the hobby!

Thank you everyone. Loves all around


I don’t have much to add apart from great post! A nice bit of positivity :slight_smile:


I’d like to mention the Mods for our online social communities. @AndreBoulay @vegabomb and @codinghorror here on the forums keep it tight, and I love that. @jojopro and the others on Facebook keep it one of the less caustic communities there. @EOS44 @KesmEyeball @Alphuh u/suburiboy (and AutoModerator of course, <3 that guy) doing what needs to be done over on r/throwers.

Also the tremendous service that reviewers do, in a market where most of us will never be able to walk into a store and try 5-6 yoyos. They bring information and translate touch into words so we can make (mostly) informed decisions with our monies.

Also big ups to Al Gore for inventing the internet so we have a place to make weepy diatribes about how much we love yoyos.


Oh I didn’t realise Josh Prokay was on here!
Biggest shout out for me (sorry guys) my #1 mention has to go to @jojopro he has been talking to me every day for the past week and has helped me out so much over extensive conversations to get me started, I have actually been running all my questions and everything else through him and he has not once stopped being fantastic and helpful. Also he bought a yoyo from me :rofl:

I love what you are doing for the community and for beginners like me Josh!


The vast majority of yoyo people I’ve met are really pretty amazing people. Easily the best part of the community.


I LOVE YOU AL GORE!!! :fist_right::boom::fist_left:



In the theme of the post, and as a newb, I’d like to say that I am enjoying the more basic aspects of this hobby. Restringing and lubing bearings, trying new strings, etc.

It’s not something that you find many people doing. “Simple” tricks (because they’re still difficult for me) amaze people. I’ve had several people see me practicing Eiffel tower or breakaway and it’s sparked conversations. Many people in their mid to late 30’s tell me they used to be pretty good. Then I explain that yoyos have advanced and they should try a modern yoyo. I hand over my Whip and they’re amazed! I show them an unresponsive and throw a sleeper for a few minutes and they’re shocked. It’s enjoyable because I am showing that old dogs CAN learn new tricks!


Im gonna try really hard to explain how much I enjoy this hobby and community…here it goes…

If you guys read my intro, you might be able to piece together a bit about what pulled me into throwing. All that aside though, regardless of it being an amazing toy with an infinite skill ceiling, this community brings the LIFE into the hobby.

1.We have an amazing forum to discuss our joy, progress, and our new yoyos. As uncommon as the hobby may be in your area, we still have each other to share with online.
2. The community is almost self sustaining when you have enthusiasts who are developing their own brands and creating new yoyos with up to date technology.
3. Investments…BST! If you buy a yoyo and its not your cup of tea, we can usually find someone online that REALLY wants it. It seems very many yoyos do not depreciate much in value. Some even go up in value.

I could go on and create my own text wall but I would be saying what has already been said. Sometimes maybe I come out of line. Some of you might even dislike me. But for someone who has been yoyoing for just 3 months, I cannot even put into words the volume of care I have for this community and how much I appreciate every one of you. Especially the guys on discord who have helped me out with sooo many tricks!