Am I a true yoyoer yet?

I was thinking today about whether or not I can “officially” call myself a true blue-through and through-died in the wool yoyoer.

  1. I have thrown consistently now for a year.
  2. I have given myself a black eye. (My wife laughed so hard she was crying) :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. I have spent over $90 on a yoyo.
  4. I have owned a duncan butterfly. (Don’t know if this counts.)
  5. I have a yoyo bag which hold six throws. (two different brands - I love that Genesis)
  6. I have competed in a trick ladder state competition. (didn’t place)
  7. Multiple string burns.
  8. Bruised knee cap. (don’t ask)
  9. I know what the yoyo’ers definition of performing a suicide on stage is.

Are these qualifications enough?
It would be neat if there was a certificate or something given out for bragging rights.
(i.e. a third degree black belt yoyoer)

that is a good question. i think yes-you are a true yoyoer

I think that its up to you if you are satisfied with yourself :3
Ask yourself this;
What have you done for the community?

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Being a true yoyoer is really more what you think more than what other people think. You’ll get mixed opinions though. I think, being a true yoyoer is not really about about buying expensive yoyo’s (heck, jenson won worlds with his northstar), or throwing a lot, or knowing stuff. It seems to me the only thing you really need, is to love the sport of yoyoing.


Why is this a concern?

Do you get joy from the act of playing with a yoyo?

Then yes.

All the rest of the junk you listed is just that-- junk. You said “I don’t know if this counts.” NONE of it counts. And that’s not meant to make you feel bad: it’s quite the contrary. I’d rather be part of a community in which anyone who wants to can consider themselves to be a part of it: no matter how much they’ve done, how much stuff they have, or their skill level. What should matter to a yoyoer is this fact alone: I enjoy playing with a yoyo. It’s a bonus if you like to learn new tricks and share them with other people. You don’t have to compete. You don’t have to post. You don’t have to show off. You don’t have to be good.

You just have to love it.

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I’d think yes.


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To me, every person who can pick up a yoyo, laugh and say “I remember these” is a true yoyoer. It doesn’t take fancy tricks or terminology to be one.

yoing for a year is important because it shows that even through the tough times of finding other sports and hobbies, you sticked with the yoyo the whole time :slight_smile:

I totally agree. I think that anybody that enjoys yoyoing either as a sport or just a way to pass the time is a “true yoyoer”. Like he said, you just have to love what you’re doing.

Personally, I think anyone who has bought a yoyo off the internet is a true yoyoer. There could be some exceptions, especially with shipping prices to multiple countries. However, for the most part, that’s my opinion.

yay! That means I’m a true player!

i think a true yoyoer loves yoyoing
loves helping people
demonstrates infront of people
and does not care how much he or she spends on yoyos

^this, I took my kids to an indoor playcenter yesterday and while they were playing I was messing about with my 201 and actually gathered a bit of a crowd…

In my opinion, a true yoyoer is someone who can look back and say. My main hobby, is playing with a spinning toy. Thats what a yoyo is, its a toy. Anyone who can laugh about that is a true yoyoer. That means its something that is not consuming your life and making you think that the yoyo is anything but a toy.

Just my take on it

^this, toys are great, I’m a 25 year old with a yoyo habit and a collection of transformers. I have the autobot and decepticon emblems tattooed on my shoulderblades and the hylian royal crest tattooed at the base of my spine, I love my childish side and I can’t stand the sort of people who grow up and kinda sell out on the things they love most in life.

Phew! Sorry for that rant…

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No matter.
i still enjoy how people enjoy my yoyoing.
i think you don’t have to ask, you’ll find out your self.
throw a yoyo, have fun, love it, be part of a community.

and if i may refer to ‘ed’s 66 rules of yoyoing’
i re discover my self as a yoyo player after reading those.