Yoyoing is what you make of it.

“Yoyoing Is What You Make Of It”

By Zammy

Yoyoing, a use of a toy that people of all ages take part in through generations of generations. Pedro Flores was the very first yoyo company to spread it and we, those that are serious of the toy, can say “Thank you”. The toy has a whole has taken the world by storm and with that has brought different thoughts, aspects, and roles then just playing with it.

Speaking as a yoyoer, my role in this community seems to be to push yoyoing to new and creative expressions. These expressions are presented in different types of tricks for people to be awed and or the likelyhood, disappointed. This is the role that best suits me as a player as I am very stubborn to not want to be a competitor. My creativity shines when I am best focused on trying to develop new manuevers. Not to be tied down trying to create freestyles and a show for those out there.

“Zammy” has a number of other roles in this community. Helping other yoyoers when they are in need, being a representative of Onedrop, being a positive role model for a younger generation, spreading out the love of it due to charity…I’m a busy guy.That is what I choose to do and one I pride in.

Yoyoers of all kinds have different types of roles that they fill in, whether it is to be an innovator, competitor, tutorial maker, store owner, company owner…the list literally goes on and on.

That is the beauty of yoyoing, we can make it what we want to make it!

However, there is going to be a time that there will be those that will be negative of what you choose to do with yourself. There is an obvious difference with friendly criticism versus those those that are going out their way to hate on you. People will talk behind your back, they will try to tear you down. This can be said for anything someone is passionate about.

If you have the self belief in what you do, they will never break you down. That is when your integrity shines through.

So listen, if you have read this far I will give you credit for that. You do not have to agree with me as I do not expect people to see through my point of view when it comes to yoyoing. But when it comes to as simple as a thing as a yoyo, it can break off into many different facets that all fill for anyone out there.

Choose what you think is appropriate for you and follow through with it. Become the best you believe you can be and never let anyone stop you. Ultimately with yoyoing there are difficulties ahead because it is still growing versus other things in the world but if you stick with it, it can lead to a fulfilling experience.

Literally, it is you versus the world.

Yoyoing is what you make of it.

There is no rules.

Just you, the string, and the spinning object.

I wield yoyoing like that of a paintbrush.

I break the rules.

I create what I choose.

And that is ultimately what I do.



This made me so happy. :slight_smile:

It was beautiful.

I read all of it, and agree.

I read it all. It was good as always.
Your last vid on youtube was excellent as well.

I needed this. lately i have been doubting myself, not just in yoyo, but in life. I have been trying to get a freestyle together, trying to become a mega competitor, and ultimately, trying to get sponsored. All of this just made me angry, and yoyoing felt like a chore. I know now that i don’t want to compete, so i can keep yoyoing to be just a life long love and pastime, so i don’t feel forced to do it, and the only way i would except sponsorship being a kind like the one Ed Haponik has, where he doesn’t have to compete, just yoyo, and spread the joy of it.

Thanks Zammy, i needed this.

Your biggest fan,


Amazing post by an amazing guy. :slight_smile:

You are awesome. 10/10 would read again.

I really hope that everyone reads this, I really did take my personal time to type this out for yoyoers alike.

It just seems like certain people expect you to do a certain thing THERE way by THERE rules when it comes to something you are passionate about.

So keep it in mind.


I have to say thank you for this and all you do. When I first started getting involved in the community Zammy actually friend requested me. I was like wow. Thank you for being welcoming to everyone.

Zammy is almost, correction, IS always right in my opinion. Yo-yoing depends on the person, and I think it should be about fun, not who’s better than who. Thanks Zammy for another wonderful and true post.

No I am not always right, although I wish I was aha. But thanks guys for taking a gander and saying something. Really appreciate it.

Yoyoing is all different for all people. None of us have the right to tell another what they can do with either a sport or hobby. All you have to do is just respect what they want to do and just do what you want to do.

Fun should be the number one thing however. But that is just me.