What have I missed?

Hey guys so I might be getting back into the hobby…

I am not completely sure yet as before when I was into it, I spent WAY too much money. I am trying to get more into the yoyoing part instead of the collecting part. So buying a few throws and being done for a bit is what I am going to try to do, if I decide to get back into it.

So my question is what did I miss? I left right around the big unleashing of the Gnarwhal 2, Bonfire, and Puffin 2. It may or may not have been the second run of these. I think about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. So I would say just update me since around that time. Thanks guys.

most of us use butterflys now


Ehhhh, not much.

What have you accomplished in that time?

Gentry Stein is the World Champ.

Ehhhh, not much. Haha

We now communicate through the magic of a thing called the “Internets” via robot boxes known as “computers”. The Internets has invented virtual places to go when you want to shop for yo-yos or communicate with other “computer”-users about yo-yos or view moving picture shows about grammatically incorrect cats.
Other than that, you’re pretty much caught up.
And yes, all of us throw Butterflies now.

Troy Talbot died he was the owner of sorry yoyos. But, other than that you really haven’t missed much.

Hspin and spyy have stopped making yoyos

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Most people are saying the palpitation and the draupnir are some of the top performing throws. Yen has dropped so you can get draupnirs around $200 now and it’s really an amazing throw and all you’re gonna need for a while.

Yoyofactory jumped on the bimetal train and started making the space cowboy for $120 as well and it’s a pretty nice throw. The other one in that price range to look at is the adegle accel.

Last throw I can think of to check out is the Pico Vox which has somewhat of a cult following on the facebook BST. It’s a super cheap chinese bimetal in the $70 range and is getting significant praise.

Gambits now a forum expert.

CLYW is about to release 2 new throws the Scout and Orca

Zach Gormly won nats

Ky Zizan won las vegas open

Jensen Kimmit started a “Shoe Dope” trend which is now being turned into a color way

I’ve known about the gambits and hspin. But everything else is new to me. Thanks everyone for all of the replies!

Yup, best yoyo ever

To be honest, yes.

Nothing important, I assume.