How much has changed?

I have stopped throwing for about a year and a half now and was thinking about starting up again. I was wondering how much has changed since then. Also if i should purchase a new yoyo or not. I currently own the shutter, dv888, rally, popstar and metal drifter.

If it will make you feel better, or if you like the look of another yoyo, get one. What you have is perfectly fine though.

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You pretty much missed nothing.

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That’s an understatement.

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I hate to agree, but this is kind of accurate.

Sure, there has been some filler stuff like people winning worlds and new yo-yo’s being released, but you can always assume that that stuff is going to happen. Really not much has happened, honestly.

What else would happen?

K thanks

It’s not that nobody wants to help, it’s just that nothing has fundamentally changed. That makes it hard for people to formulate a response, as too much small stuff has happened to summarize, and nothing big and revolutionary has happened.

Contests have been held, and people have won them, but that’s too much info to list for any sane person; it’s just easier to look that stuff up. As for throws, while there have been a ton of new releases, nothing has been earth-shattering in the past 1.5 years. On top of that, nobody knows your preferences, so it’s hard to judge what you would be excited about; again, probably easiest for you to just look around at what each manufacturer has for sale currently.

Besides that, 1A is still most popular, fixed axle is experiencing a slight boom in popularity, and OG peaks are still among the most coveted throws. I suppose in the last few days the record has been broken(?) for most expensive production throw, as YYR released a $750 “Fresh Green” Dazzler.

It’s nothing against you at all, honestly, welcome back. It’s just that these threads never go anywhere, because the easiest way for you to get back up to speed is to look around the threads and store to see what’s new, and start discussing topics with people again.


Very well said if you want to get back up to speed on recent contests and stuff you can check yoyonews for the exact results and watch the freestyles on youtube and stuff like that. But that’s pretty much it,.