what have I missed?


So I’ve been gone for almost a year
what have I missed? any big releases? crazy scandals?


The yyr Draupnir is a big deal but you might have alread seen that before you left. Other than that not much besides the new CLYW runs.

I don’t know of any big scandals or anything that crazy.


Well, at NER yesterday, someone stole a Sasquatch that was for a raffle


Jensen goofed around during his BAC freestyle and we had a 19 page discussion/debate/argument about it on the forums.



The draupnirs been a big deal since it came out :wink:


Wow really? That’s just bad. I didn’t hear about that.

You’ve pretty much missed a flowering of new companies, the Draupnir, and… patrick star voice the panty raid…


ya the bonfire from clyw along with all of the other clyw runs. mostly 2nd versions of previous releases. the yeti by clyw. its there first plastic, and its drawn the most hype I’ve ever seen. also one drop and yyr dropped a plastic. the rally (od) and the diffusion (yyr).

worlds moved around the country if you haven’t heard. its going to be in a different country every year. there were going to put a pan american (south america, north america, and canada) yoyo contest in the same place worlds has been. but it got cancelled (because of a problem with funds?).

theres probably a lot more that I’m missing that someone else will put in.


Oh, that’s low.


Diffusion 2 is the new YYR.


The Shutter was released at $45 and used to win nationals, thus creating a wave of 5-10 budget friendly metals being released.


Who won that prize? Did they talk to Jack at A2Z about it? There was a Benchmark that we thought had been stolen but we were able to figure that one out. Did not hear about a Sasquatch…


Jack Fuller won it. It’s what I heard from everyone, but I’m pretty sure that it’s true.


Actually, his prize that was missing a Nickel Plated Benchmark - not a Sasquatch.
And we later found the yo-yo and gave it to him, turns out it was just misplaced. :slight_smile:

Don’t think there were any other missing yo-yos.


My mom LIIIIED! I feel so betrayed


Welcome back, dynikus!

(major_seventh) #16

How do you enjoy that Sasquatch, or I guess the money you sell it for???