what have i missed?

Hey everyone!!!,

I haven’t been yoyoing for the past few months therefor i haven’t really been on this site much

I want to save for a new throw but I don’t really know what new stuff is out there…
Im mainly looking for a good long lasting yoyo that we get me intrested in yoyoing again

Plz help me out guys,


Well, let’s see…
There was a major earthquake and reultant tsunami in Japan.
There is major unrest in a lot of the world.
There was a super moon on March 19.
Kevin Federline turned 33 on March 21.
The world is ending May 12.

Yes, i remember you, welcome back then.
Things happen as usual here, i guess.

i can’t recomend a throw, sorry. More because none that really catch my attention lately.

Bomb Squad SF bombsquadsf.com They have some pretty sick yoyos there that you could get.
Super Wide or Monster

And there was a lot going on with Jensen Kemmit… :confused:

Hope all that helps

where you get that from? not much happenin :wink: