What happened to the Solaris?

I just checked the SPYY section to look up something on the Solaris and they dont have it anymore. Normally they just say 0 in stock and keep all the info and pics and stuff up, but they took down all of it.


I don’t know but the Solaris is an incredibly under-rated yoyo. Maybe SPYY decided to discontinue it or something. It’s really good. If only they could re work that design so it was two millimeters wider… Then it would be perfect.

I really like it exactly the way it is. It’s a bit narrower than the Ronin, but I like how the weight is spread out better and how it performs. This would be an ideal yoyo to re-release.

It is incredibly under-rated and I swear it was on the store the other day. It may be my desert island throw. Mine is the smoothest yoyo I’ve ever thrown. Love it.

Some products get removed from the page if they are not in stock. Check out the ILYY and General-Yo pages, as well.

I think that if it’s something that will be restocked, it’s best to just show zero in stock. But, when the item won’t be coming back, it should be removed. It could have been that YYE held out for maybe longer than they should have for the Solaris to come back and when they received word that they won’t be making more, they finally got around to removing it.

I do hope SPYY reconsiders the Solaris. I can’t get enough of this one!