Your favorite SPYY throw?

What’s your favorite SPYY throw?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

The Solaris is my all time favorite throw.

Include the pistolero.

Its a tie between: addict, radian mkii, trainwreck, trainwreck 2, and punchline.

Pure ftw! I wish I had a gold one…

I’m really surprised that the Solaris isn’t more popular than it is. ??? Exceptional yoyo for sure.

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I’m mixed. I have a Ronin and it’s nice, but I’ve played a Solaris and I like that way better. But, we’re talking different shapes completely so it’s not surprising. But I saw a sweet deal on a Ronin and couldn’t pass it up, plus the artwork on the side I really dig.

So, I’m only saying Ronin for now. If I can get myself a Solaris… That is a nice throw!

OG punchline for sure. Love mine.

I’ve played many but only own one, the Solaris.
Even if I owned them all, it would still be my favorite.
The Solaris owns.

Depends what you’re after. The Supra is without a doubt the best undersize i’ve ever thrown, better than Messiah, Entheos, Dietz, 888.11, Hatrick, Wooly Marmot, etc.

mkii…bbbrad edt.



I’ve now paid for a Solaris on BST… I can change my mind now to a Solaris!

Silver with red splash!

Pro is my favorite but it seems to be getting no love


Flying V a close 2nd.

YES! Studio, great choice both yoyo and color wise.

Seriously though, the Dietz is the best undersized yoyo ever.