New Yoyo

Hello everybody,

I know you probably are sick of getting these questions but I need help buying a yoyo. I am looking for one with a long spin time, comfortable hold, and long spin time. Here are a few I have been looking at:

-YYF Catalyst
-YYF Superstar
-Spyy Ronin

I have never thrown the Ronin, but I have heard great things. If you were about to buy a yoyo, which would you get?

Also, the shop I work at carries Yoyo Faction, Yoyojam, and Spyy yoyos. I get discounts on these so I would like to stick to these brands. Thanks everybody.

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Staying within the brands you have specified, a 2012 series Supernova. Or perhaps a SPYY Pro.

Also, this should be in “Looking for Help/Recommendation.”

The SuperStar is a really great throw. You can’t go wrong with that choice.

Thanks for the advice everybody. I appreciate it.

I recently got a Ronin. It feels very dense for the size. In the hand it’s heavy. On the string and in motion, it’s doesn’t feel that way, it feels like it wants to keep moving. It’s really pretty with the artwork on it. When it’s still spinning fast, don’t bind it or it’s gonna crawl up that string with serious attitude. I haven’t played it enough to make further notes about it. My first SPYY leaves me with an amazing appreciation for their work. Also, having played a Solaris, SPYY definitely makes great stuff.

The Superstar, I don’t have one, but I’ve played one, and now I want one. The way the weight is distrbuted, it feels light in the hand. It’s amazingly stable on the string and the stacks are fun if you want to use them.

Both of these are really great.