What happened to Spectre?

It just disappeared off the site. Completely. There is no proof that the C3 Spectre was ever on YYE. What happened?

sold out.

Why in the heck did they delete it? I thought it was not a limited throw.

Guess it stayed true to its name. Spooky! Lol.

The Chief sold out as well but it wasn’t removed from the site :S

Literally all the information of it ever existing has been wiped out, recent update polls, pictures on YYE on FB, and other things. I was going to get it but it was gone so I settled for a Halo.

Okay, now that was funny.

I thought so ;D

Thats really weird… I’ve seen other throws on YYE deleted after they have been sold out though.

While many yoyos, including models from General Yo and ILYY, have their page taken down after it has sold out, it is kind of odd that it happened to a model that just came out a few days ago. Can we even confirm that it sold out? Perhaps it went the way of the Werrd Beef and was taken down prematurely due to existing rights regarding reverseable spacers?

Existing rights of reversible spacers? Who has the rights?

I have been seeing reversible spacers pop up from some of the companies that are “not to be named”. I do not know if that is why but I am sure it is far more complicated than strictly availability.

There is no such thing as “settling” for a Halo. They are amazing. Congrats. It rules.

Check this out. http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=10561

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Aws :frowning:

so whoever got the scepter has a pretty rare throw… 8)

No one ever mentioned this, the op and several others through out this thread got the name wrong.it is sceptre not specter. Not criticizing anyone, just pointing it out. Too bad though…that would have been a good name, because it disappeared, as someone else pointed out.

the first time…

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The Manufacturer news thread said Sceptre.