What happened to Spectre?

Thats too bad about the patent infringement. Do you think they are going to scrap a whole run though? Whole lotta money down the drain if you ask me.


Depends on how many husks of yoyos they have and the cost of the use of the patent. They may just hand them out as to create no profit or create something else for an spacer system. Good luck to them either way.

Nah, they’ll probably just use them as prizes find some way to give them out.

Hmmm, I believe they are, or have duly licensed it to someone who is.

I managed to get one but was surprised to see it off the site. I think it might be because it sold out. When I ordered mine it had only been up for less than a full day and already there were only 2 color hubs available and in total only about 9 or so left. Seems to be a new trend on the site.


…that’s what I said…

I was under the impression that stupidity regarding heavily enforced and insanely vague patents and copyrights regarding everything under the sun was /exactly/ how this world worked. There are entire organizations that simply buy the rights to a library of patents and make their entire income by dragging companies to court.


Definitely a delrin I wanted to own. Looked very cool, love the idea of reversible hubs.

So true about people buying up the patents just to resell or license them later.

Tires that almost never wear out were invented by Bridgestone in the early 80’s… where are they now?

There was a shaving razor invented that never goes dull but Gillette bought the rights to it. Why haven’t they marketed it?

They make more money selling stuff that wears out than selling stuff that lasts forever.

Sort of doing some preliminary research on the Sceptre and I am starting to believe that this may indeed be a patent infringement situation. Only a few stores still have it available but not in the US at all. The facebook page for C3Yoyo Design has taken every single picture down of the Sceptre and has scoured the page of any posts about it. I am going to do more research and still put up a review but I am feeling a bit disappointed that this may actually be a dead run of yoyos with only a few people being able to play this throw.

Just emailed c3yoyo with some questions…we’ll see what they say. I hope its nothing crazy and stupid like a patent issue.

They are still on facebook http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.341095562618963.80458.147426091985912&type=3

hey! good eyes! i missed those pics when i was looking around the facebook page!

C3 probably will still be able to sell Sceptres internationally. Typically a patent such as this would only affect the US.

I am surprised that they still have stuff up about the sceptre on the c3 manufacturing thread here on yoyoexpert

How much were they and if I have 10 to 12 of these and sell on the bst would that be a infringment or breaking the rules somehow? I don’t have them, it would take some doing to get them but it is possible and to recover my loses I would have to let them go at $110. Just wondering if its worth my effort and time.

Update: overshot the international shipping… recoup losses at $100.

They were around $70 if i recall correctly. A single Sceptre with international shipping is $83 from a certain Japanese store at the moment. No one in their right mind would pay $100, and no idea how international shipping would be so expensive to warrant that price.

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Thanks. I was wondering if I was getting dooped. I just found the on another more reliable site for the price you listed. So their just not available to buy here in the US stores. 83 is a lot better.

I picked one up during the few minutes they were available. I love it so far, only problem is that one of the response pads on my A-bearing side got pretty destroyed after a week of play. It basically shredded a layer off of itself and is completely responsive now.

Same thing with mine. I threw in some flowable silicone and it plays beautifully!

I’m gonna have to check out a tutorial on how to do that.

definitely a worthwhile lesson. flowable is a great response and pretty much the only one that lets you have some control over how much and the colors.

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