C3 Sceptre Reversible Hub A to C bearing conversion

Wow! Has anyone else ever done anything like this before? I’m impressed. I hope it plays well.

It’s by C3

Haven’t seen it but the description reminds me a bit of the Buzz-On spr system which was pretty cool because you could switch one out and change your bearing size in the process. Very intrigued by it and would love to learn more…of course that means I’ll probably be buying one after my Battosai gets here.

Doh! Edited. Sorry about that. I always get these companies confused being absent-minded when I clearly know the difference present-minded.

I created this thread a few days ago to see what people thought. However it looks like there maybe be some patent infringement going on, which might explain the recent disappearance of all things Spectre. Really disappointing.

Does anyone know how much it was going to retail for?

I believe there is a thread explaining how it will not exist except for the few that have already been purchased. Copyright is what has been said.