C3yoyodesign Trident idea

How about a C3yoyodesign Trident with a size increase, like yeah3 size but same shape?

That would be cool, but I think it is already good enough.

Yes I do love the trident how it is too, but I thought that would be an interesting concept.

I like bigger yoyos only have one though

If C3 were to up the diameter to 61mm and up the width accordingly, I’d happily buy one. I’ve thrown a Trident since it came out a year ago and have yet to find a flaw with it. Some people complained about it’s lack of stability and the difficulty of getting it to spin true, but anyone with a solid throw and a style that isn’t rejection-heavy can make great use of a Trident.

The C3 stuff I’ve tried is fantastic, but I’d definitely prefer something a little bigger than a Trident anyway. 56 or 58 with a little added rim weight.

58 gram 58 mm diameter Trident is my dream.

58gram? Sure bout that?

Never know until you try! My Werrd Poo feels heavier than the 62.1g it weighs.

good suggestion ! make it happen in 2013 :wink:

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Sweet! C3 has seen it!