It looks awesome. What do you guys think of it and what do you guys think of the sceptre also. Both look really cool but the colorways on the capless are really impressive.

I think I may be getting a Capless.

Yeah I hope I will be able to

Holy buckets. This thing hasn’t sold out yet. Look at those specs. Look at that anno. Look at that price!

It’s amazing. Everything about it. Buy one.

Considering getting one. Just too beautiful to pass up

I think it looks awesome! I want one really bad but just don’t have the money right now. The price is great, the anno is great, and I bet it plays well.

Purple w/ pink wash <3

Sceptre is a good throw. Going to work on my review ASAP. Haven’t gotten a Capless yet but it looks like a keeper. Love the colorways.

I think caps give any throw this annoying sound. I don’t like caps unless it’s a FHZ or FH2.

getting one today.

What are you talking about? Do FHZ caps fit in it like they fit in Capsules?