Guys and Girls.... It's Time. The Wait is Over.

Nice, what are your first impressions? I hope mine comes in the next few days!

Love it. 8)

Pretty good. I might change the bearing. Love the titanium sound :smiley:

Super smooth. Great player so far :slight_smile:

Where’s the gold CT bearing?

sooo jelly ;D

I got one of the “Last Chance” ones. They don’t have them.

It’ll be interesting to hear people’s feelings on the Ti as compared to the Al versions. I think a lot of people will be surprised to find themselves preferring the Aluminum.

I actually really love the aluminum. Like a lot more than I thought I would. I think the Ti is just that little bit better, but honestly I might start carrying around the Al, and possibly buy a second one if they release them for retail. Also the gold is a very, very cool color.

I got my email that it was shipped. Should be here on Thursday. So excited to try them all out. Even though I was #20 something to purchase, I chose raw, so I’ll get #51 or higher, but I’m still looking forward to it and the gold aluminum version I chose. Totally worth the wait. ;D

What about the plastic? How is it?

hmm this prompted me to check my email.

I had 2 one asking if I wanted an unnumbered throw or a numbered one that might have vibe or anno flaws. but then there’s another email saying it’s shipped… I hope I don’t get a vibey throw :-\

The plastic is really awesome and something new to play with. It’s giant, and super fun. Pretty smooth, despite being plastic. It’s something different, that’s for sure. I’m loving all three so far.

When did you receive those emails? Both in the same day?

When did you receive those emails? Both in the same day?

no they were about 24 hours apart, I don’t blame them in not wanting to delay things, but that email address isn’t something I’m used to getting time sensitive communication through.

Cory was very nice about the whole matter even offering me a full refund, just wish I had had a little more time to contact him. I don’t care about the number I’d easily take a non numbered perfect throw.

Watching those box makes me feel like a kid well I’m a kid but a really happy kid.

Just got mine today! I’ll try to update this post with a picture later. I made a couple of contributions: $200 for the titanium and all the goodies that ended up coming with it, and $35 for a B-Grade stacked Genesis which is actually pretty awesome!

So in total, I got #81 raw Titanium Dream, a gold Aluminum Dream, a plastic Dream, the gold bearing, the velvet pouch, and the stacked Genesis. I’d call that a pretty darn good day! ;D

figured I’d share a pic since I hadn’t seen any of the iron man aluminium dreams yet.

I got blue titanium dream #031, it seems to have a little vibe to it, still trying to figure out how much that bothers me.