I Think I'm DREAMing.


My shipment should run through by tomorrow, I am so excited ;D

Ahaha clever title.

Thanks I try.

Looks great! I can’t wait. :smiley:

nice rhyme! :smiley:

What has the play on all three of them been like so far? The ‘Plastic Dream’ (or whatever it is officially called) looks pretty intriguing. I would like to know how the same basic shape plays on yoyos made from three different mediums!

I said this before in another thread, so I’ll just copy paste it here.

Titanium: Pretty good. I might change the bearing. Love the titanium sound of titanium.

Super smooth. So far it’s a really great player!

Aluminum: I actually really love the aluminum. Like a lot more than I thought I would. I think the Ti is just that little bit better, but honestly I might start carrying around the Al, and possibly buy a second one if they release them for retail. Also the gold is a very, very cool color.

Plastic: The plastic is really awesome and something new to play with. It’s giant, and super fun. Pretty smooth, despite being plastic. It’s something different, that’s for sure. I’m loving all three so far.

What’s the white plastic?

What white plastic? 0.o

Unless you’re making a reference to “The Dress”…

Please write a review

I think he just wrote a review. Haha!

Yeah I kind of did. I guess I could make a full review of the Ti but I’m not great at reviewing.