GOLD Center Trac Bearing.

Did anyone get one of those yet? How does it play? I am curious to get one of those. :smiley:

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yes… Yes you are… Haha

Though I’ve never tried one, I’ve heard them come up in conversation. And from what I recollect, the gold is simply for show. It’s like any other bearing. But again, that’s what I’ve heard.

I just purchased two of them, and put one of them in an Anglam.

There was a bit of a break in period, not unlike the 10 ball bearings, but after the break in I find them to be a fabulous bearing. Certainly one of the quietest bearings I currently own. As to the outrageous spin times they claim, I have not actually measured the time, but they seem to spin quite smooth and quiet and I have no problem getting through the combos I know with one throw.

It’s still a pretty new product for me though, I’ll have a more educated opinion in a week or so.

Not quite sure why my comment needed to be erased but okay.

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Don’t worry, even if nobody else saw it, I laughed :slight_smile:

I saw it.

It’s okay, everyone saw it thanks to Legyoyo’s quote. Thank you! :smiley:

I’m usually the first person to jump in and say “who cares” when a magical new bearing comes out because for the most part, there are just good and bad bearings and the degree of difference between the good ones is negligible.

That said, Ben gave me a handful of these at Worlds and I’ve put them into all my daily throws because I WAS WRONG. It’s like he gave me a fistful of magic beans. I’m seriously beyond stupefied at how well these play. They are quiet and fast and when I pull the yoyo back I seem to always have twice as much spin as I expected.

They’re ridiculously expensive (you can buy a OneStar for the price of these bearings) but I think I can honestly say they’re worth it, as ridiculous as that sounds coming out of my mouth (keyboard).

I used to have a soft spot for Taka’s gold bearings back in the day, and used them in all my Freehands. Then I kind of forgot about them because…well, because I ran out of the free tube of them that I had and I wasn’t about to buy more because I’ve always been a “I’ll throw what I have and I’ll make it work” kinda guy. And even though Duncan bearings rust about as fast as you can say “Duncan bearing” I had an endless supply of them so I would change my string and bearings every 20 minutes 'cause hey…why not?

I’m rambling now. The coffee is kicking in. If you can deal with spending $20+ on a single bearing, you’re going to love these. Otherwise, stick with the new CTX and you’ll be pretty stoked anyway.

So, which is better? Terrapin ceramic or ct gold?

In my opinion the best bearing has always been the Ceramic KK. $30.00 is the only down side of them. I own several of them and I NEVER have an issue with them, and they preform great.
I have always wished I could justify putting one in every YoYo I own.

But this Gold Center Trac is also a very good bearing for me, thus far at least.

I also love my Ceramic KK. Glad to hear someone else loving them. I only have one and I have it in an old YYF 44. It’s been in there for 3 years maybe? Absolutely the longest spinning bearing I’ve ever played and next to zero maintenance required. I’m going to try one of these gold CTs with my next order, but for now that Ceramic KK is absolutely the best bearing I’ve played as well.

I’m getting a Center Trac X soon.

Just in case anyone is curious about it.

I’ll give feedback here later on.

Do they suffer from the same wear issues the taka bearings had?

I hear the gold coating on those only lasted for a day or so.

As am I, I’d like to hear what u think

I would be interested in hearing about this as well.from someone with both…

yeh that’s the one thing that’s kept me from getting really exited about these, 'cause I really like the CT shape and my CTX has improved on the sleep time which actually bugged me on the CT compared to my YYJ speed bearing.

I just ordered my gold center trac, it will come in 1 or 2 days. I also will compare it with a 10 ball kk bearing and a regular kk bearing. :smiley: (so far 10 ball is 1000 miles ahead)

I have used pretty much every veering out there and this is the best
Better than terrapin

Extreme spin times (when I say extreme I mean extreme)
Dead smoth like a 10 ball
Low fiction

To sum things up its perfect

Also every ball in the Bering is checked for quality control so they are all great

Or the ct gold with dry play. That leads us to another question.

If the ct golds are 10 balls (are they?) and you dry play treat them, they would almost be like the wing cut bearings. Dry play treated, 10 balls, and string centering. The only difference would be gold plated vs. ceramic. Then which would be better?

Also, please don’t turn this into one of those threads. Most of you know what I mean. fjh, you’re a great guy and everything, but sometimes too much promoting will hurt your business. Just let the bearing speak for itself.

I meant the terrapin ceramic, but the kk ceramic was going to come next as a comparison. You can tell the future. 8)

OK Matthew I’ll keep it lite.

It would be nice to see a comparison review on the three over $20 bearings by a qualified impartial player.
It would have to be over an extended period of time as ceramic bearings have a life expectancy 5 times that of steel and no one knows yet about the gold electroplating.

I would be willing to kick in on that with a bearing.