What happen to the Custom Yo Yo Company?

So I was just wondering what happened to Custom Yo Yo Company. I bought my first bearing yo from them sometime in the early 90’s I thought it was cool learned a few trick then didn’t think about buying another one till last week. I saw on the back of the Yo Jam Lube package they were in Arizona and I know Custom used to be in Ariozona. Any correlation there?

I dont think so. Yoyofactory, and I am guessing some more are also in Arizona.

They still exist, paint ball is their major focus. They still sell the yoyo line, but it’s not promoted much that I see. They’re a bit dated compared to current products.


I think the only relationship between Custom Products and YoYoFactory is that YYF was founded by some of the people involved in Proyo. Proyo contracted with Custom Products to produce some of their products.

YoyoJam is not related to either of them and is not located in Arizona as far as I know…

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yeah it dosen’t look like they updated any of the models, they seem to be the same ones they had back in the 90’s They are nice yo yo but nothing like the one we have here now. They could really bust you in the knuckles or tips of fingers when you messed up in the middle of a simple trick.